Marketing Strategy

A well planned Marketing Strategy analyzes the current state of your organization, the external environment in which it operates, and then drills down into segmenting your market, targeting and positioning your brand. This approach is the same for both for profit companies and non-profit agencies. To embark on any marketing initiative, it all begins with strategy.

Led by seasoned facilitator and strategist, Steven Hobé, your team will brainstorm through different marketing frameworks, from the upper level thinking of the 3 Cs (Customers, Company, Competition) to the tactics of the 4Ps, also known as the marketing mix; as well as formulating a set of KPIs (key performance indicators) that can track your success throughout the campaign.

Although these principals are the backbone of a strong marketing plan, we will tailor our approach to the needs of your organization. Our aim is to make the process enjoyable, fun, exhilarating, and of course successful. Can you tell we love strategy?

Strategist & CEO, Steven Hobé is a Chartered Marketer. The Chartered Marketer (CM) designation is awarded by the Canadian Marketing Association, recognizing the top marketing talent in Canada and fostering a community of continuous learning and skills development for the profession.