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The Living Life To The Full (LLTTF) Program is part of the Canadian Mental Health Association Ontario’s wellness outreach. In the latter part of 2018, we were engaged to create a video and design package to highlight the success of its 55+ workshops. This would be targeted toward the government, funders, public, and other key stakeholders.

This specific program engages with those individuals who are 55+ in age and are also caregivers. Typically this role can be extremely difficult for this demographic in terms of creating situations that can be emotionally and financially taxing, as well as experiencing extreme feelings of isolation, and in some cases depression.

The subject matter needed to be approached with care, given its sensitive nature. We worked closely with CMHA to engage with participants of the program in an open, caring and supportive fashion.

The result was a powerful video that touches on these individual’s stories, as well as the cognitive therapy approach to the program. The design component to the package was crafted after the video production, to reflect a broader scope of success, featuring relevant statistics; yet still balancing this data with the human aspect to the program.

For several years, our company was also engaged by CMHA Ontario to produce Annual Reports and brochures for their branches across the province. The focus was on developing consistent branding for each district, thereby creating a unified presence in Ontario.

Living Life To The Full

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