Ontario Sustainable Energy Association

One important aspect of our work with the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA) was the development of a three-year marketing strategy that identified key target groups Green Energy Doors Open (GEDO) should engage with; as well as creating a solid public relations strategy so that GEDO could acquire as much media coverage as possible. Given the nature of its scope across the province, we engaged with communities in radio, tv, and print coverage. This proved very successful, as well as cost effective.

Our company was also responsible for redesigning the GEDO logo, which was used as the branding apex for all other materials. Some of our key deliverables included: a podcast, media training for key staff, production of videos and radio spots, print materials, website, social media, and newsletter management.

Powering for Prosperity is an annual awards gala hosted by OSEA. The evening spotlights those individuals and organizations who are accomplishing cutting edge ventures within the sustainability sector. In its 8th year, our company was engaged to produce all marketing materials for the gala event – this included a redesign of the logo, program booklet, video, development of messaging and PR outreach, and peripheral materials, such as the trophies themselves. The event was a huge success in both attendance and media engagement on CBC, City TV, CP 24, and others.

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Powering for Prosperity

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