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Connecting and collaborating with like-minded individuals and organizations to effect social change. Currently, our focus is in the areas of sustainability, human rights, healthcare, education and the arts.

What We Do

No matter the end product, it all begins with research and analysis.
In formulating marketing strategies, it is important to first create a baseline of comparison through research and analysis. We begin by conducting a Situational Analysis of your organization, its customers & competitors. This allows us to clarify the current environment & what growth opportunities to explore.
Don’t forget to plan, plan, plan!
The key to a strong marketing strategy is understanding your target market. We work collaboratively with you through the process of segmentation, targeting and positioning to create a realistic plan that leverages the right organizational resources to build your brand.
We create all the tools you need for a successful campaign.
Here we focus more on the strategic specifics of campaign creation, especially focusing on key messages that fit within your overall marketing strategy. Our team will then develop powerful visuals such as logos, print and videos, to compliment your messaging and engage with audiences on differing communications platforms.
Take control & harness the power of the media.
Media coverage is a great way to raise your profile at little cost. Our firm will help develop strategies to engage with media partners by formulating story hooks, writing press releases, and booking interviews. We also offer in-studio media training to spokespeople within your organization, so that they gain the confidence to get your message out there.

Who We Are

Strategy & execution go hand in hand.

Our firm offers a balance between strategic thinking and implementation. We believe that every organization, both large and small, deserves a great marketing strategy, as well as high quality products and communications tools to get the message out there.

Our mission is to work with like-minded organizations and individuals on innovative projects that affect social change. The five areas that we focus on are: sustainability, human rights, healthcare, education and the arts.

Whether it’s print design, video for social media, or public relations, our style is to work collaboratively with you to achieve cohesive branding and a fresh approach to your marketing and communications. 

  • Services

    • Research & Analysis
    • Marketing Strategy & Plan Development
    • Campaign Creation & Implementation
    • Public Relations & Media Training
    • Branding & Logo Creation
    • Graphic Design
    • Audio & Video Production
    • Photography
    • Editorial & Copywriting
    • Media Buying

Steven Hobé
Steven Hobé
Strategist & CEO
Steven established his first marketing & communications firm in 1999. More recently, in partnership with Creative Director, Mitsuo Hosokawa, he formed Hobé+Hosokawa Inc. in 2010. Steven also teaches marketing at George Brown College.
Mitsuo Hosokawa
Mitsuo Hosokawa
Creative Director
Mitsuo has been in the world of design for over twenty years. He has an extensive background in editorial, art directing and designing books and magazines. Currently, Mitsuo is responsible for the direction of all company products including ads, publications, web and videos.

Our Work

Here is a selection of some of the marketing tools that we created for our clients.
(The strategy behind these is locked safely away in secure locations known only to our clients…)
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