Connecting and collaborating with like-minded individuals and organizations to effect social change through Strategic Planning & Marketing Strategies.

Strategic Planning

The strategic planning process is a meeting of the minds. It’s essential to have a core team from your organization who can freely brainstorm. We will lead you through this process, as we narrow the scope and shape the final outcomes.

1. Analysis

SWOT Analysis & Porter’s 5 Forces

We begin with the upper level thinking and brainstorming – delving into where your organization stands right now and where it wants to go. We do this using a couple of methodologies: SWOT Analysis and Porter’s 5 Forces.

2. Direction

Mission, Vision, and Values

Next, we carve out two to three hours to develop each of the Vision, Mission, and Values of your organization. Once complete, it’s important we share this with the team and then walk away – gain objectivity before finalizing at our next session.

3. Drilling Down

Core Competencies & Priorities

Core Competencies are things your organization is great at. Priorities are key pillars that build on these competencies – what you're looking to achieve. We may engage with stakeholders through surveys & focus groups to gain insights and feedback.

4. Measurement

Key Performance Indicators

Determining Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are critical in measuring the success of your strategic plan. We’ll help you develop reasonable goals over the 3-5 year period that showcase your achievements to both internal and external stakeholders.

Marketing Strategy

No matter if you are running a campaign, launching a website, re-branding, or considering upping your marketing efforts, it all begins with strategy. We will take you through, step by step, from upper level thinking about your organization within the marketplace, developing segmentation, targeting and positioning; and finally, identifying the tactics or marketing vehicles to achieve success.

COMING SOON: If you’d like to get a taste of the strategy process, take a few minutes and experience our online strategy module.

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About Us

Our firm offers a balance between strategic thinking and implementation. We believe that every organization, both large and small, deserves a focused and executable Strategic Plan and Marketing Strategy, as well as high quality products and communications tools to get the message out there.

Our philosophy is to connect and collaborate with like-minded individuals and organizations to effect social change. This means we care about the clients we take on – it’s a partnership. Your success is our reward.

Steven Hobé

Steven Hobé

Strategist & CEO

Steven established his first marketing & communications firm in 1999. More recently, in partnership with Creative Director, Mitsuo Hosokawa, he formed Hobé+Hosokawa Inc. in 2010 which focuses on strategy and execution. Steven also teaches strategy at George Brown College.

    Mitsuo Hosokawa

    Mitsuo Hosokawa

    Creative Director

    Mitsuo has been in the world of design for over 25 years. He has an extensive background in editorial, art directing and designing books and magazines. Currently, Mitsuo is responsible for the direction of all company products including ads, publications, web and videos.

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