Today, marketing gets a pretty bad wrap. We jump to conclusions that it’s all about pushing fast food, fast cars, and fast talkers – It’s all about making the sale, at the expense of the unsuspecting consumer. But the 1980’s approach of endless repetition, wearing the consumer down, until they have no choice but to relinquish control, are over. At least for most of us.

Our company prides itself on being part of a new wave of marketer, who is ethical and cares about their clients and the customers they serve. We work with both for-profits and non-profit clients, aligning ourselves with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, to help guide us in using marketing as a force for change.

What’s Our Process?

Whether you are developing an overarching marketing plan for your organization or a series of stand-alone videos, it all begins with strategy.

Our approach is to begin with the upper level analysis, then drill down into Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning; and finally, identifying the marketing tactics for your campaign.

What’s different about our approach is that, once we’ve identified your target market, we delve deeper into understanding this segment through Consumer Behaviour Theory. In essence, we first analyze the inner psychological workings of what motivates people to make decisions; then we look at external factors such as culture, family, economics, and political influences that may also effect decision-making.

Below are the four levels to our strategic approach: