The Poetry of Architecture: An Interview with Taylor Hazell Architects

  • October 26th, 2021

By STEVEN HOBÉ on September 20, 2018 on Impakter

Jill Taylor, alongside her partner Charles Hazell, are Co-Founders of Taylor Hazell Architects (THA), a firm focusing on the restoration of heritage buildings across Canada. I caught up with Jill this summer to chat with her about their work, her passion for smart design and the integration of sustainable solutions in current architecture.

How did the founding of your company come about and what was the inspiration behind THA?

JT: Charles Hazell and I founded the firm in 1991. We were very fortunate because, in the midst of the economic depression at that particular time, we had a very strong background in conservation of existing buildings. As a result, early on during the founding of the company, we were able to work on some very significant projects that involved conservation and new construction on a very large scale…

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