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The nature of contemporary classical music is that many of the works being performed are new, by living composers. This is an incredible opportunity to experience pieces that are being showcased for the very first time, but there is a drawback. In the classical music world, if people are buying tickets for Mozart or Beethoven, they know exactly what to expect; but with contemporary classical the possibilities are endless. This can lead to, on the part of prospective audience members, a fear of the unknown, which translates into lower ticket sales.

Our company spent significant time thinking about this dilemma in terms of what imagery would speak to (typically) a younger audience, whilst not alienating Esprit Orchestra’s current patrons. Our Creative Director, Mitsuo Hosokawa, worked with the Musical Director, Alex Pauk, to understand how each concert could be translated from its musical intent to visual representation through the season brochure and promo video.

Another major initiative we implemented was a video series entitled, The Musical Mind. The concept was short, sharable videos for social media that showcase either a composer or featured soloist talking about an upcoming concert and the music to be performed.

This ongoing series allows a window into the composer’s mind and a taste of what type of music a prospective audience member can expect. But more than this, it humanizes the music. Beyond the taglines and ticket price-point, it shows real people being passionate about their craft and wanting others to experience this new music alongside them.

The Musical Mind

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