Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network

The Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network is a collective of international lawyers fighting for the rights of individuals being persecuted both here and overseas, as well as advocating for changes in current Canadian laws that are unjust to certain minorities. The Right(s) Now Campaign was produced to showcase this important work in language and imagery that was both impactful and informative.

The campaign brochure, annual report and video featured individual advocates of human rights. From gender inequality, the defence of LGBT people internationally, to the unjust criminalization of people living with HIV – these communication elements brought about a focus on key issues, while introducing a human element to this complex work. Through the campaign, the Legal Network was able to raise funds, awareness, and engage with new volunteers.

For several years, our company was also engaged to produce Annual Reports for the Legal Network. The creative again reflected showing the people behind the scenes who are fighting for justice and equality both here and abroad — striking a balance between information and humanism.

Right(s) Now

Annual Report

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